Entry Period: TUESDAY, July 23, 9 am – 5 pm

                      WEDNESDAY, July 24, 9 am – 1 pm

       Judging: WEDNESDAY, July 24, 1 pm


Entry Rules and Procedures

  • Entries will be judged based on quality, condition, cleanliness, trueness to type and variety, maturity, size, and color.
  • The Fair will provide vases for cut flowers.
  • Cut flowers should be entered just as the flower with enough stem to support the blossom and all foliage and thorns removed from stems to first bud, cluster, or flower (unless individual class dictates otherwise)
  • Potted, container-grown plants should be well groomed with no seed pods, wilted flowers, damaged or unclean foliage, broken stems, or training props. The container should be clean and in scale with the rest of the plant. 
  • Exhibits entered in the Container Division will be judged based on the quality of all plants, design and creativity, color, and appropriateness of the container in relation to the arrangement. 
  • For plants which require special care for the duration of the Fair, please coordinate with Fair staff and Department Superintendent. 


Entries for the purpose of display and education only are welcomed, encouraged, and will not be judged.



  • Bloom: Designates an individual flower terminating a stem
  • Spike: A specimen that is composed of a group or cluster of flowers arranged on a stem that is a main branch
  • Spray: One stem (not a branch) with or without a central flower or bud
  • Stalk: A stiff stem, branching or not, with one or more flowers 
  • Stem: main axis of a plant



Class 01   Aster (3 blossoms)

Class 02   Begonia (1 spike)

Class 03   Calendula (6 blossoms)

Class 04   Cosmos (6 blossoms)

Class 05   Dahlia, dinnerplate (1 blossom 8-10”)

Class 06   Dahlia, standard (3 blossoms under 8”)

Class 07   Daisy (6 blossoms)

Class 08   Gladiola (1 spike)

Class 09   Lily (1 stem)

Class 10   Nasturtiums (6 blossoms)

Class 11   Peony (1 flower)

Class 12   Poppy (6 blossoms)

Class 13   Rose (3 stems)

Class 14   Snapdragon (3 spikes)

Class 15   Sunflower (1 flower)

Class 16   Other



Class 01   African Violet

Class 02   Aster

Class 03   Begonia

Class 04   Cactus (flowering)

Class 05   Calendula

Class 06   Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus 

Class 07   Cosmos

Class 08   Dahlia 

Class 09   Geranium

Class 10   Gladiola 

Class 11   Lily

Class 12   Mini Rose

Class 13   Peony 

Class 14   Poppy

Class 15   Rose 

Class 16   Snapdragon

Class 17   Sunflower

Class 18   Other



Class 01   Aloe 

Class 02   Cactus

Class 03   Coleus

Class 04   Fern

Class 05   Ivy/Vine

Class 06   Jade plant 

Class 07   Spider plant

Class 08   Succulent

Class 09   Other


DIVISION D CONTAINER (2 or more varieties in a vessel)

Class 01   Window box

Class 02   Table-top

Class 03   Traditional Planter

Class 04   Hanging Basket

Class 05   Non-traditional planter (an item not sold for the purpose of holding growing plants)

Class 06   Other



Class 01 Selection of flowers

Class 02 Woods & fields, fresh material, no flowers

Class 03 Terrarium

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