Part of the magic of attending events at the Southeast Alaska State Fair is making your way to Haines, Alaska!

Coming from Juneau:

Float or Fly! Regular flights to Haines are available from Juneau on  Alaska Seaplanes.  For those who prefer to cruise, The Alaska Marine Highway offers regular trips up the Canal.

Alaska Marine Highway Reservations & Schedules

Alaska Fjord Lines

Coming From Whitehorse:

There are two ways to get to Haines from Whitehorse.  First, you can take the Alaska Highway to Haines Junction, then take the Haines Highway through the pass to Haines.  Total drive time: about 4.5 – 5 hours.

Alternately, drive the Klondike Highway to Skagway and catch the Alaska Marine Highway or Haines Skagway Water Taxi over to Haines.  Total travel time: about 3 hours.  Check ferry or water taxi schedules for availability.

Yukon Highway Conditions

Alaska Highway Conditions (search for Haines and Klondike Highways)

Alaska Marine Highway

Coming From Outside:

If you’re not sure what it means to be coming from “Outside” this is probably for you! Outside means outside of Alaska and the Yukon.

If you choose to fly, the nearest large airport is in Juneau. From there, you can look at the “Coming from Juneau” information above to find your best way of getting to Haines.

If you’re more of a leisurely cruise style person – the Alaska Marine Highway system has weekly ships leaving Bellingham, Washington for the Inside Passage through Southeast Alaska.  It takes about 4 days to get to Haines.

Coming From The Rest of Alaska:

Come on down!

You can fly into Juneau and use the information under the “coming from Juneau” tab to find your way to Haines, or you can drive down! It’s about 14 hours from Anchorage and about 12 hours from Fairbanks.  Be prepared to go through both Canada and US Customs, and remember to take a right at the Haines Junction muffin!

Where to Stay in Haines

Haines offers a wide variety of places to stay at all price points.  Come stay in luxury accommodations, a private cabin by the beach, or pitch your tent in the deep rainforest. Choose what works best for you and your family!  A full listing of accommodations can be found at the Haines Visitors Center website under “places to stay”.

Accommodations can fill up during Beerfest, the Kluane to Chilkat Bike Relay and Fishermen’s Barbecue, and the Fair; so make sure to call ahead!

We’re sorry, camping is not available on the Southeast Alaska State Fairgrounds.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to call the Fair office at 907-766-2476 or the Haines Visitors Center at 907-766-6418

Getting Around Haines

Coming up and looking for a ride over from the ferry or the airport?  Contact Haines Shuttle at 907-766-3768 or 907-314-0042.  Reservations are recommended but not required.