The heart and soul of the Southeast Alaska State Fair!


Bakers, quilters, gardeners, painters, woodworkers, jam makers, photographers – The Southeast Alaska State Fair has a place for everyone in our exhibit hall!

Exhibiting your creations at the Fair is a time honored tradition, and shares knowledge of self sufficiency and creativity across generations, communities, and borders. Entries compete against similar entries in one of 19 departments.

Take a look below at the various departments and find what you’d like to contribute.  you can then get in contact with your Town Representative or with the Fair office if you have any more questions.  Exhibit Entry will open in the spring!

Southeast Alaska State Fair Town Representatives
Angoon Chenara Johnson cdkookesh@hotmail.com 907-957-6544
Craig and Prince of Wales TBA
Gustavus Kate Boesser kateboesser@gmail.com 907-957-1799
Haines and Klukwan Madeline Witek madeline@seakfair.org 907-766-2476
Hoonah Darren Snyder darren.snyder@alaska.edu 907-523-3280
Juneau TBA
Kake Scott Jackson otterhunter1@hotmail.com 907-317-6167
Ketchikan Jean Bartos jeanb@kpunet.net 907-225-9296
Petersburg Josef Quitslund quitslund@gmail.com 907-650-7228
Sitka Brandon Saiz cgcook38@gmail.com 907-738-9928
Skagway Donna Griffard donnagriffard@gmail.com 907-983-3222
Whitehorse Ruth Headley bearspaw@klondiker.com 867-393-2327
Wrangell Michael Bania isiqbkl@gmail.com 907-978-7717

Superintendent & Town Representative Recruitment

The Southeast State Fair is looking for passionate, talented individuals to help lift our Exhibits Program to even greater heights! Interested in promoting the exchange of tradition, encouraging growing artists and sharing your knowledge with the Fair?

Check out our Exhibits Officials page and learn more about how you can become a part of a program that has created memories across Southeast for more than 50 years!

Click on the Fair Entry ribbon above to enter your exhibits into the 2022 Southeast Alaska State Fair!

SEAK Fair does not charge any fee for entry into the Fair, disregard the places in Fair Entry where it asks for payment.

If you have any issues getting started with Fair entry, contact Emma at the Fair Office, 907-766-2476 or emma@seakfair.org