Great Alaska Craft Beer

& Home Brew Festival

May 24 & 25, 2024

Haines, Alaska

2024 People’s Choice Winners

2024 People’s Choice Beer

Apricot Ape Hangar

Polarity Brewing

2024 People’s Choice Other

White Girl Seltzer

Bleeding Heart Brewery

Friday, March 1, 2024

Beerfest Tickets go on sale at the beginning of March each year!


Friday, May 24, 2024

The Gourmet Brewers’ Dinner!

see menu below


Saturday, May 25, 2024

12:00 pm  – Connoisseur Tasting

1:00 pm – General Admission Tasting

Taps pulled promptly at 5:00 pm!

2024 Southeast Alaska Home Brew Competition

Click the button below to find guidelines, see the results, and learn more for next year!

Alaska’s Favorite Craft Brew Festival!

Beerfest is back! Tickets will go on sale March 1!

This event showcases beers from all over Alaska and the Yukon, and draws a crowd from all over North America.  We proudly present the best brews from over 25 regional breweries, cideries, and distributors across the region.

On Saturday, the Connoisseur’s Tasting begins at noon with a limited entry to the grounds and early access to the brewers and their best brews.  at 1:00 pm, the flood gates open and the general tasting begins for 4 hours of exquisite brews, great food, good music, and most important of all, great company with like-minded enthusiasts!

Tickets go on sale March 1, 2024

Join us at Beerfest!
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2024 Beerfest Schedule


All entrants to all events except for the Slammin’  Salmon must have their ticket and a valid, legal ID.


During the day: Homebrew Competition *Not open to the public

Evening: Gourmet Brewers’ Dinner 6:00 pm and Menu listed below


8:00 am: Registration begins for the Slammin’ Salmon 5K & 10K Fun Run at Dalton City on the Fairgrounds. 

12:00 noon: Connoisseur’s Tasting Begins.  Entry starts at 11:30 am at the Fair Vehicle Gate.

1:00 pm: General Admission Tasting Begins. Entry at the Fair Main Gate.

5:00 pm SHARP: Taps pulled and Beerfest closes.

Tips for having the best beerfest ever
  1. Make alternative plans for your dogs.  They will not be allowed on the grounds, and leaving them in your car or tied outside the grounds is not safe for them, nor will they have a good time. Loose dogs on the property will be turned over to law enforcement.
  2. Only empty, clear (see-through) drinking containers are allowed into the Beerfest grounds.  Anything else will be confiscated, so just don’t bring it.
  3. Don’t bring bags, or at least curate what you are carrying.  Anyone bringing bags into the Beerfest grounds will have them searched.  If you have items such as alcohol, drinking containers, or weapons of any kind, those items will be confiscated or you will not be allowed in.  It’s best to leave these items at home.  Even better, don’t bring a bag and save yourself time in line.
  4. Children – ALL children, from birth through age 20 – will not be allowed on the grounds.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  So please make alternate arrangements for your children.  If we hear of Haines community childcare opportunities as we get closer to the event, we will announce them.
  5. DON’T PRE-GAME! We cannot emphasize this enough.  There are plenty of amazing beers to taste, free to you, during the event. If you appear to have been drinking we will not let you in the gate and we will not reimburse your ticket if you are denied entry.  Alaska State Law requires that we not serve anyone visibly under the influence of alcohol. We take this seriously.  Also, it’s disrespectful to our brewers who have worked so hard to bring you an exceptional tasting experience.
  6. Plan for the weather!  And you never quite know what that will be.  Bring sunscreen, a rain slicker, whatever you’re going to need to be comfortable during the event!
  7. Bring cash for food.  We have amazing food vendors at Beerfest, don’t miss out!  And while the beers are free, the food and the games are not.
  8. It’s going to be a great year.  First and foremost, plan for fun!
Nobody wants to have to put a bunch of rules on a good time, but we have to have a few to make sure everyone gets to enjoy themselves equally!

  1. Have your ticket and your legal, government-issued ID. You need both to get in, and you need a wristband, tasting glass, and ID to stay in. Keep your wristband on at all times. Broken or missing tasting glasses will not be replaced.
  2. Don’t pre-game.  If you drink before Beerfest, you’re only hurting yourself because you won’t be able to enjoy the fine craft beers on offer, and if we can tell, we won’t let you in.  That doesn’t sound like any fun at all.
  3. No alcohol in our out of the grounds.  This is Alaska State Law.
  4. No children – including infants! – and no animals.  No exceptions.
  5. Only empty, clear liquid containers are allowed on the grounds.  if there’s something in it, or we can’t see through it, it will be confiscated. There is water available that you can use your tasting glass to drink.
  6. no weapons.
  7. Pace yourself.  If you appear intoxicated, you will be asked to leave. There’s plenty to drink and plenty of time.
  8. Don’t even think about driving.
  9. The Southeast Alaska State Fair is a smoke-free facility. Tobacco products can be used in designated smoking areas outside of the gates.  Marijuana products cannot be used in public places as per Alaska State Law.
  10. Distribution of political materials, merchandise, and informational material other than official Southeast Alaska State Fair, Beerfest, and Dalton City tenant business merchandise is strictly prohibited during Beerfest, as per Southeast Alaska State Fair Policy.
Gourmet Brewers Dinner Menu



Menu subject to change based on availability of ingredients.

Appetizers Salty Lady Seafood Oysters, Salsa Macha, Lemon Mushroom-Comte Cheese Focaccia, House-Cured Malawi Coppa, Pickles, Mostarda

1st CourseHasselback Potatoes, Pea Vines, Creme Fraiche, Geoduck Cudo, Bacon Bits, Basil Oil

2nd CourseNettle-Ricotta Culurgioni, Devil’s Club Consomme

3rd CourseDungeness Crab Arancini, Black Agliata and Spicy Fermented Lemon-Honey

4th CourseSmoked Lambchetta, Rolled Lamb Belly with Garlic Sausage, Soy Glazed Eggplant, Apple-Mint Harrissa

5th CourseGoat’s Cheesecake, Caramelized Banana, Chocolate Pretzel Crust

Slammin' Salmon Fun Run - CANCELLED

Due to a lack of coordinators, the 2023 Slammin’ Salmon race is cancelled, but it will return in 2024!

The Slammin’ Salmon is a 5K and 10K fun run that takes place the morning before the tasting event – to help you earn your brews!  It’s open to all ages and you don’t need to be attending Beerfest to participate. Registration will be available online in the spring.

Home Brew Competition

Taking home brew entries from all across Alaska and into the Yukon! Learn more below about how to register and label your entry, and where you can drop it off so it can be judged in Haines on May 24, 2024!

Getting To Haines
Highways and Airplanes and Ferries, oh my!

There are so many ways to get to Haines for Beerfest Weekend.  Learn more about how to get here, and where to stay once you’re here, by following this Link.

Beerfest Shuttle Schedule
Check back in the weeks before the 29th Annual Beerfest in 2023 to see the updated schedule.

Thank you Beerfest Sponsors!