In 2008, a new journey began for the Lack family. They sold everything and hit the road, leaving behind the comforts of a home, friends and family. 15 years, 14 albums and 27 countries later they say, “…The adventure is saying yes, even when you’re not sure how it’s going to come together…”

The Lack family is a caravan of 11 people full-time on the road. The band is made up of Scott and Paula, their daughter Deborah, daughter Sarah and her husband Eli, daughter Chloe and her husband Daniel. Deborah‘s husband Jarrod is on sound. Their three daughters Juniper, Willow and Hickory have been joining the band with singing and dancing.

Scott- lead electric and acoustic guitar and vocals
Paula- piano, flute, rhythm and vocals
Deborah- bass guitar and vocals
Sarah- drums, cajon and vocals
Chloe- mandolin, acoustic guitar and vocals
Daniel- banjo and acoustic guitar
Eli- electric and acoustic guitar

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