Lovely Colours

There is an exceedingly apparent energy and passion deeply embedded in pop-rock musical outfit Lovely Colours. This passion is what originally drove vocalist Devin Damito and bassist James Rosales to move from their home in Juneau, AK to pursue music. Now hailing from Seattle, Washington and joined by guitarist Patrick May and drummer Steven Bingham; Lovely Colours makes the music you wish you heard on the radio. The band’s latest release alludes to their unmistakably dynamic sound. The quartet is relentless, refusing to waste a single moment. While on tracks like “Feels Like Hell” and “Somewhere” they’re crafting vibrant and bold indie pop tunes with a snappy rock edge; “Things You Do” and “The Garden” suggest that the band does in fact have a darker, sultrier side. Despite this variance in mood from song to song, the band’s remarkable musicianship and knack for songwriting remains consistent throughout their debut release. With only a handful of songs released, we surely have more to look forward to from Lovely Colours. But the energy that runs through them and all that Lovely Colours does, will undoubtedly leave you at the edge of your seat, ready for more.