The WhiskeyDicks

The Whiskeydicks brew fiery fiddle, titillating trumpet, giddy guitar, busty bass, delicious drums, and a quaffable quartet of voices to tell legends of good times past, and infuse classic songs in ways one would never imagine. Since their humble beginnings busking their original tunes outside a Vancouver liquor store in 1st year music school, for money to burn at said liquor store, The Whiskeydicks have showcased their contagious enthusiasm and eclectic sound at festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival in Australia, the Southeast Alaska State Fair, Celtic Fest Vancouver, Galway Bay Irish Music Festival in Washington State, PaddyFest Havasu, Sunstroke Festival in Whitehorse, ScotFest BC, Harmony Arts Vancouver, Whistler Beer Festival, and on tour from Hawaii to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Florida.
“If Gogol Bordello and the Corb Lund Band got drunk, hooked up and then nine months later popped out a little whippersnapper, that baby would probably be The Whiskeydicks. That is to say this BC-by-way-of-Whitehorse band combine various elements of Celtic, country, rock and Roma music and filter them through punk sensibilities and a rowdy disposition.”
– Ty Trumbull of Exclaim! Magazine