2020 Refunds and 2022 tickets

It has been an eventful few years for Beerfest. To recap: in 2020 we had to cancel all events for the season, and worked with our ticket vendor, Brown Paper Tickets, to refund everyone for the almost 1,900 tickets sold for The Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival. Some chose to donate the cost of their tickets to us (thank you!) but most, understandably, wanted the full refund. 

What has followed is almost two years of our organization as well as many others trying to get Brown Paper Tickets to follow through with those refunds. The Washington State Attorney General got involved. Meanwhile, we here at the Southeast Alaska State Fair were never given access to the funds, and have had to fight just to communicate with them. 

Some have asked if the tickets they have not yet been refunded for could be applied to this year’s Beerfest.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 

Not only do we not have the money to refund, we also do not have the records to be able to see who has received their refunds and who hasn’t yet.

Our last communication with Brown Paper Tickets indicated that they are still working through the refund process, and we are hopeful that the final refunds will be issued before summer. Per our last communication from Brown Paper Tickets it appears that they have refunded approximately 75% of tickets. Please continue to contact Brown Paper Tickets at support@brownpapertickets.com. Also please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss this further. 

Meanwhile we hope you will join us for the 28th Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival on May 28, 2022.  It’s been a challenging few years, and we can’t wait to gather with you all again!

-the SEAK Fair team